There’s nothing else that gives you more hope than seeing the Cherry Blossoms after winter. For 3 months you long for days when you don’t have to wear a thick coat, days when you can walk around the city enjoying the tulips.

Now that summer is here, the city is filled with so many things to do I can barely catch up. It’s like a race on how much I can enjoy the summer by attending all these so called fun events that you see popping up on your Facebook account. Based on my experience, the best time in the summer is when you find yourself on a day without any work obligation and you walk around the city without any care in the world. Go check out a new museum exhibition, sit on a park bench and watch the cute dogs walk by, visit all the stores you have been wanting to and take your time looking at the beautiful selection, take a late lunch outside by yourself without looking at your phone. What’s your plan this summer?

PS. Brooklyn Botanical Garden is free every Tuesdays.

Outfit details:
Skirt: vintage Calvin Klein
T-shirt: Gucci
Jacket and bag: Vintage
Scarf: Emilio PucciShoes: See by Chloe






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