The Chanel Jacket

In terms of a clothing item, what could be more iconic than a Chanel jacket? I have always wanted to have one and could not imagine buying one from the store with the super high price tag. I don’t have $ 6,000 to just throw away to get a jacket.

Vintage is the way to go for me. Chanel jackets are very classic and timeless, every season they always come with slight modification. So, even if you buy one from 1999 it will still be classy looking. Here I style my jackets in three looks. Which one is your favorite?

Look 1
Jacket: Chanel | Turtleneck: vintage | Pants: All Saints | Necklaces: Chanel | Bag: Chanel | Loafers: Gucci

Look 2
Jacket: Chane; : Brooch: Chanel | Blouse: Navy by Jil Sander | Bag: Chanel | Socks: Kate Spade | Shoes: Tabitha Simmons |

Look 3
Jacket: Chanel | Striped top: vintage | Necklace: Chanel | Pants: Vintage | Brooch: Chanel | Bag: Chanel | Boots: Tamara Mellon |

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