Birthday Haul 2016



My birthday falls on December 30, which means it’s around the same time as Christmas. I do admit I was feeling rather ‘spendy’ this year and I went a little bit overboard (but, hey it’s the holiday)

If you are an experienced shopper, you would know that Black Friday is for amateurs. Don’t get fooled by the ‘deals’ that they advertise for it (unless you are looking to get a TV or something electronics), the best deal is ALWAYS at the end of the season. So shopping for fashion is better if you can wait until December 26 onwards for even deeper discounts.

This year I was so blessed to be able to find a Chanel unicorn, the Chanel mini rectangular in black quilted leather. That is my grand finale gift which my husband was kind enough (with a lot of hints and motivation involved) to give to me. But at the same time, Chanel started their sale on December 9 and I have heard about it earlier from my SA.


On the morning of December 9, I went to Chanel on 64th and Madison and found the perfect flats in the combination of beige and black but none in my size. And then I went to check out the one on Madison and 57th and they do have in all black and only size 5.5 with beige and black (I’m a size 6). I decided to go ahead with it because it’s impossible to find.

And downstairs at 57th flagship store I saw that they have the 90s inspired earrings from Fall 2016 on sale and I went ahead with it too. I have always wanted a pair of statement earrings from Chanel from the 90s but always hesitated to purchase. And to see one brand new from the store with the same price range after sale I couldn’t say no.

The next item is the Louis Vuitton mini pochette. I received a Macy’s gift card and after browsing and considering, I decided to buy something from their Louis Vuitton store. I figured it’s something that will be timeless and useful even though I had to add my own money to it. This pochette is definitely a very versatile one and can be used as a wallet, make up case, or just a catch all in your bag.



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