I Fell In Love With The Chanel Beige Bag

A Chanel bag in beige? That was not in my vocabulary because Chanel is notoriously known for color transfer on their lighter color bags. I see so many people I follow on Instagram has the bag but I have never been obsessed with it because immediately my mind goes to the horror of color transfer.

But one day as I was browsing on Fashionphile’s website, I saw one of the bags I follow just hit 30% off sale. If you don’t know, bags listed on their website gets 10% off every month it stays on the website and the highest discount is 30% off. With the discount, the price was down to about half of the brand new one. I jumped on it because with that price I can still resell it if I change my mind after wearing it for a few months.

The bag arrived and it was indeed in very good condition, only very minor wear on corner and the stitching on double flap has come loose. But other than that, it is well worth the money. I was still not convinced because I purchased the bag in March when it was still cold. But as soon as warmer months hit, I found myself drawn to it even more because it goes with so many spring and summer outfits. Paired with white, it’s just perfection.

I do have to be a bit more careful when I wear it but so far it’s still looking great and no color transfer in sight. I plan to maybe have Chanel restitch the loose thread in the fall when I won’t be using the bag too much. I am glad I went ahead with purchase and I am definitely enjoying my beige Chanel this season.

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