My Everyday Uniform

Everyone has a uniform in their wardrobe. It’s that outfit that you wear over and over because you know it works. Like most women in New York, I like to look like I’m going to the gym when I’m not. It is just my uniform which usually consists of a pair of leggings, sneakers and sweatshirt topped with the occasional beanie. Also, most times it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you complete your outfit with a great handbag.

I would like to pretend that I dress up everyday but the fact that mot days I’m busy running around, I dress pretty casually. Hey if it works, why not?

Outfit details:
Sweatshirt: Radarte
Leggings: Reebok
Bag and sneakers: Chanel
Coat: Tony Cohen








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  1. Hello! I recently stumbled upon your youtube channel because I was researching Chanel minis. I recently purchase the same exact mini that you got – lambskin with silver hardware, but now I’m having second thoughts and wondering whether I should have gotten it with light gold hardware. Since I know you love the silver hardware, I was wondering if you could explain what it is about the silver against the black, as opposed to gold or light gold that you love so much? The power of suggestion is strong, so I was hoping hearing your thoughts would reassure me of my decision! Thanks! xoxo

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I apologize for the very late response. Twinsies!
      I think the light gold hardware is very similar to silver so it would not really made much of a difference honestly. I love how silver is a bit more casual and young. I feel like the gold hardware is too serious for day wear and can tend to age me. I hope that helps and thank you so much for leaving a comment.

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