My Holy Grail Bag

Ever since I can remember, a classic Chanel bag has always been my holy grail bag. The only thing that has prevented me to buy it is of course the high price tag. I ended up buying vintage bags which is somewhat a version of it, but not quite the same. I realized I ended up with one too many vintage bags and not getting closer to the one I want. Being a bargain hunter, it’s hard for me to say No to a steal and spend so much money on one bag only.

So I decided to sell a few bags of mine to help fund this bag. I specifically wanted one in almost new condition and not a vintage one because I want that feeling of being the first person to wear the bag. This means the price tag will still be high but I would still save a bit and did not have to pay tax. I felt like the luckiest girl when I finally held the bag.




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