New In: Louis Vuitton Florentine and Poche Toilette 19

Fanny pack is in! It’s not just for middle age dads from the Midwest who’s on a trip to Disneyland. Even Carrie (Bradshaw that is) was seen wearing a Gucci fanny pack in one of the episodes of Sex and the City.

Fanny pack is very handy and leaves your hands free to do other things. I now understand why people love to use it so much when they are traveling. I purchased this on eBay because Florentine is a style that has been discontinued (I say they should bring it back!)

And I also purchased the cosmetic pouch which I intend to use as an everyday ‘catch all’ for my charger, pens, and make up. It’s the smaller size of 19 cm. Next on my radar is the 15 cm one which will fit into smaller bags.


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