New In: Louis Vuitton Gobelins Black Epi Leather Backpack

The search for the perfect backpack has been long time coming for me. Last year, I purchased the Louis Vuitton Montsouris monogram backpack in MM size but decided to sell that because I needed a backpack big enough for school and can fit textbooks and my 11-inch laptop.

I could not find the backpack that I wanted (at my price range) and decided to go with PS1 large bag in brown for school. I was happy with it for a semester but that longing for a backpack is still there. So last month I sold my PS1 and a vintage Chanel double flap which is in a fair condition. For months, I was considering Louis Vuitton Montsouris in the GM size. I love the style but I want my backpack to be no fuss and the Montsouris has vachetta leather bottom and trim so I would always have to worry about rain and watermark. Plus the monogram is a bit much and won’t be a good idea to wear when I’m traveling to remote places, it attracts too much unwanted attention.

The search was over when I learned that Louis Vuitton had a bigger backpack in Epi leather. I adore Epi leather for its durability and chicness. I was sold and it did not take me long to find one on eBay. It is a discontinued style so the only way I could get it is pre owned. I decided to go with black because it is classic and will last a long time. I am so happy with my decision, it’s such a subtle bag that most people won’t even know that it’s Louis Vuitton. On top of it all, it’s timeless.


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  1. how big does it hold your 11″ laptop? I am looking at the same bag but have the 13″ macbook air… trying to figure out if mine would fit in…

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