Review: Chanel UV Essentiel Sunscreen SPF 50

There is nothing more important than protecting your skin from the sun, especially in the summer. I learned that the hard way when few years ago I noticed a dark spot under my right eye for being too carefree during a vacation. I now make sure to use products that have SPF in it. I was in the search for sunscreen for face but did not want anything that is greasy and difficult to blend. When I purchased make up at Chanel, I asked for sample of their sunscreen. I love that they have SPF 50 and when I tried on my skin, it was just so easy to absorb and not sticky nor greasy at all. It does not leave a white cast on your face and does not change the complexion. It’s as if you are not using anything at all. That small sample lasted more than 3 weeks because you only need so little of it. Of course I decided to purchase the product, I think this is a must have in my make up routine from now on.

Product mentioned:
Chanel UV Essentiel Complete Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

image of The Bargain District

image of The Bargain District

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