Show Off Your Shoulder

Off the shoulder has been a huge trend for the past few seasons and I could not be happier. Shoulder is a part of your body that looks good at any weight so don’t be afraid to show it off! I have been seeing the way people wear their shirts exposing their shoulder. This is a very easy way to revamp your oversized shirts! If you need extra fastener, add a brooch to complete the look.

Also, this summer has been all about colors for me. I feel like in the winter I get stuck in all the black outfits and when it gets warmer I crave for colors. I’m all about minimal and function in the winter, and my maximalist side just bursts out in the summer.

Outfit details:

Shirt and skirt: Vintage

Brooch: Chanel

Sandals: Jill Sander Navy

Bag: from Saint Lucia

Earrings: from sample sale


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