Silky Touch

Why do I love vintage? It’s mainly the fabric! While most clothes that you find in retail stores now are made of polyester (my least favorite fabric), you can still easily find more natural fabrics when you buy vintage. Silk is one of my favorites and lately I have been obsessed with vintage Chinese silk embroidered clothing items from the 50s or older. They are hard to find in great condition but they are exquisite and such a great statement item.

Going vintage is a more affordable way for you to find silk shirts or wool/cashmere sweater. If you buy these items at a regular retail store at a full price, they are usually quite pricey. But these items are pretty easy to find when you go thrifting.

Silk robe: vintage | Pants: The Row | Blouse: Joie | Necklace: Marni | Bag: vintage | Shoes:

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