Chanel has sales! Yes, they do! Years ago they even had sales on their seasonal bags but those days are long gone now.

The sales are still pretty good though including shoes, jewelry, scarf, hats, and ready to wear. Though I find the ready to wear still too expensive even after sale, the 40% off really helps in terms of shoes and jewelry.
Here are a few tips for you:
– The sale happens twice a year, some time in June and December. It would usually be around the third week but to be sure try to ask your SA. If you don’t have an sa, call any chanel boutique around the time and they will tell you if you call the same week of the sale.
If the sale is more than a week away they most likely won’t tell you because sometimes they themselves are not informed yet by corporate office.
– Be sure to catch the sale on the very first day! Items run fast and you would definitely miss out if you wait, it’s a ‘you snooze, you lose’ situation. Chanel WILL email you about sale if you are on their system but email usually comes on the same day of sale in the afternoon, so you would already miss the opening. They also have pre sale a day or two prior. This season they actually sent me a postcard prior to the sale.
– The sale is not only in the chanel boutiques but also in department stores such as: barneys, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. If you don’t have chanel where you are, you can call ones in different states and ask them to send you pictures of sale items. They can always ship your purchase (shipping is free for Chanel boutique)
– All sales are final at the boutique, but not at department stores. So be sure you really want it if you buy at the boutique because you won’t be able to return.
This season I focused myself on jewelry and was lucky enough to find a classic pearl necklace from Cuba collection and a brooch from Spring Summer collection. My husband snagged another brooch from heathrow but I won’t be able to show you until he comes back from his travel, watch out for that unboxing.

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