Travel Diary: Versailles and Louvre

Most retail stores in Paris close on Sundays. When we knew about it we decided that Sunday is going to be a tour to Versailles and the Louvre. Versailles is approximately 45 minutes by bus from Paris. We booked a tour because we were afraid that it would be impossible to get an uber ride around there (Have I mentioned how much I love it that we were able to use uber in Paris?)

The tour agency advised for us to leave at 8 am Sunday morning because it gets crowded very fast. Boy was I relieved that we followed their advice because when we got there it was a sea of people waiting in line to get in.

Versailles is indeed so gorgeous and breathtaking. My favorite room is of course Marie Antoinette’s chamber, decked in floral. Be sure to also check out the garden when you are there, it is gorgeous, filled with flowers and fountains. It is definitely a must see!

We left the chateau at 1pm in the afternoon and headed to the Louvre. We saw Napoleon’s apartment and of course Monalisa, which was overcrowded by people with selfie sticks (note to self: never ever be caught dead using one!)

As for my outfit, knowing that I would be walking all day I decided to go with comfort over style.

Outfit details:
Top: Nonoo
Jeans: J Brand
Sandals and bag: Balenciaga













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