Trending: The Plaid Blazer

Fashion trends used to last for maybe a season or longer but now I feel like every few weeks something is ‘trending’. I have mentioned a few times that fashion always look for inspiration from the past. As a vintage shop owner I have had many design teams purchase vintage for their upcoming collection. It is an editor’s job to come up with a trend to promote sales, but more often than not trend can also come from street style nowadays.

So apparently the trend for fall is the checkered blazer. I personally think checkered blazer is a classic piece which can be worn every fall season, not only a trend. I think it started with Balenciaga Fall Winter 2017 fashion show and then almost every brand comes up with their own version of the checkered blazer. And of course it was all over instagram with every blogger you know wearing it.

I am not going to spend $500 or more for something I can buy through the vintage route, and also fast fashion is never an option. So I went on the hunt for the vintage version. One day when I was vintage hunting, I found three and this one is a perfect one for me. Here are two ways I would style the blazer.

Outfit 1:
Blazer: vintage Brooks Brothers
Slip dress: Vintage
Boots: Tamara MellonBag: Chanel Boy

Outfit 2:
Blazer: vintage Brooks Brothers
Striped top: Vintage
Jeans: Frame (here in black)
Sneakers: Comme des Garcons
Bag: Chanel Reissue 226
Sunglasses: Celine

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