White After Labor Day

No white after Labor Day? That fashion rule is ancient and no one actually follows it anymore. I mean rules are meant to be broken, don’t you think?

All white look is one of my favorite looks. It is not the easiest to maintain because I always seem to spill something when I wear white. The key is to NEVER order spaghetti or anything with tomato in it.

Summer is officially over and unlike everyone I see on my Instagram feed I am NOT excited about fall. Yes it’s nice and crisp and you can layer. I don’t have any problem with fall but I’m dreading what’s coming after. New York winter is not for everyone, a lot of people move to west coast after a while because they can’t deal with the winter anymore. Let’s hope this year won’t be as bad.

What makes you excited about fall?

Outfit details:

Trench: Steven Alan

T-shirt: R13 (similar here)

Denim: Frame Le Garcon

Shoes: vintage Saks Fifth Avenue

Earrings: vintage Chanel

Bag: Chanel Medium Double Flap


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